I animated this scene, we named “Silo 2”, in Flash at Jim Henson Co. for “Unstable Fables: Three Pigs and a Baby”. Silo 2 is a faux Video Game played by Sandy (The Pig who built his house of straw) just before the Wolf comes knocking. The goal was to create a game similar to Halo 2 that had a feeling of depth, but looked different then the rest of this CGI movie.  Animated in Flash.

I created this animation for Big Box in Flash at Animax Entertainment for MTV. 

I created this animation for Big Box in Flash at Animax Entertainment for MTV.

DJ and The Fro is a Flash animated show I Directed and Animated on for MTV at Titmouse. Here are two scenes I animated from episode 120.

“Super Idiots – Guns 40 to 1” is an animated film about five superheroes who endeavor to save a friend from himself, but cause more chaos then help. Animated in Flash.

Super Idiots is an original film created for the Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge 2017, and was conceived, written, designed, cast, recorded, and animated in 15 days. Out of 64 films submitted, Super Idiots was one of 16 chosen for the screening and won the Best Technical Achievement award. Animated in Flash.

Darth Vader may or may not be suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, but he seeks help from a Guru on a mountaintop and gets a Hula Hoop, in this hilarious animated short film. Animated in Flash.

Jake and Worf compare their favorite toys in “Kong” an Orangutoons.com original cartoon. Animated in ToonBoom Harmony.

Don’t Pee on the Electric Fence is pretty self explanatory, but poor little Sparky didn’t get the message. In this animated short film a cute dog becomes addicted to the jolts and hits bottom. Animated in Flash.

Grunt Discovers Fire, and why not? Someone had to. In this short animated film, Grunt, a cave man, learns the benefits and drawbacks of flames. Animated in Flash.